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Adjustable Mattress’s



Anyone looking for a better quality of life is a perfect match for an Adjusta-Flex® adjustable bed. This adjustable bed is health conscious, offers superior comfort and support, and most of all, is a TREMENDOUS VALUE for the price. An Adjusta-Flex® bed offers you more unique features and benefits than any other adjustable bed on the market.

Each orthomatic adjustable bed also comes with a choice of mattresses specifically designed to provide flexible, long lasting comfort. These mattresses have ultra-premium support systems that replace typical innerspring coils for a more contouring and responsive feel. They function independently to create a truly unique and customized mattress. Combine this with the further adjustability of an Adjusta-Flex® Adjustable Base and you will experience a deeper, healthier and more sound night's sleep than you have ever dreamed possible.

Adjusta-Flex 5000



Adjusta-Flex 1000- Call store for details and pricing.  +1(888) 736-0888


All Natural Latex Mattresses.

Latex is hypoallergenic, and breathes to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. When compared to spring mattresses, latex is considered much more conforming and evenly supportive.

Latex mattress foam is naturally resistant to bacteria, mildew, mold, and dust mites making it an ideal mattress material for homes, boats, and RVs.  Latex mattresses are the Cadillac of all mattresses. All of our latex foam mattresses are "no flip" mattresses. The quality of the product is such that it does not require flipping or turning!



Call Paul for details on all our Latex Mattresses.   509-926-2333

Bio Based Visco Gel Foam Mattresses The bed that cools!

This memory foam provides faster heat dissipation and greater airflow which leads to a cooler sleep surface and a better night's sleep.  It leads with the most environmentally-friendly manufacturing process available today, but also provides a product that is higher quality and with greater durability.


Call Paul for Details about this amazing new Eco Friendly bed!  509-926-2333


100% Organic Wool Mattresses. Hypoallergenic and fire safe!

  • Wool is organic and pure, is Hypoallergenic, Induces relaxation (lowers heartrate), Insulates, Flame resistant, Is dust mite, mildew, mold and water resistant, Lightweight, Comforts pain sufferers, Maintains an optimal body temperature, Does not sacrifice the life of an animal, Is appropriate for all climates.
  • Did you know:

Wool is the ONLY fiber that is naturally flame resistant without adding fire retardant chemicals that cause health problems.


Call Paul for details on Wool Mattresses.






made in the usa!


We spend a third of our lives sleeping. Choosing the right mattress is more important than you might think. Having the right sleeping surface can effect more than the way you sleep. The right mattress can help you feel better, gain more energy, and be more productive throughout life. Let the luxurious comfort of Twilight Bedding help you feel more refreshed, restore your body, and energize your spirit. Night after night.




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